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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:23 am

TUF Tactical Hand Book

The First Code of Conduct Work as a team. Running ahead of the squad is frowned down upon. Always wait for teammates to catch up with the squad. Working in formations like single or double columns, single extended lines, and leapfrogging help to promote teamwork and partnership. This also gives teammates equal turns on point, allowing everyone to share the dangers and reap the benefits of being on point. These are all very good team tactics. Always let the group know what your intentions are. I.e. if you are heading up a hill to snipe or you are going to flank. This will afford them the opportunity for you to catch up with the group. It will also allow the group to adjust the formation to compensate for the agreed upon strategy you are pursuing. If a player is leaning around a corner, do not crowd him. You can push a player into the line of fire if you get too close to him. Do not bunch up or cross in front of a player(s) view, its better to go behind the player who is already engaged. Do not try to take another persons field of fire for point hunting purposes. Most important is to assist as the team moves forward. Throwing smoke and flashing are just as critical as the actual kill itself. The main theme is to be “Team Oriented”.

Second Code of Conduct If you see a teammate needs medical attention you should switch to a Medic. If the circumstance does not allow you to, it will be understood. When calling for a Corpsman you should give a heads up as to the Location of the AI’s then hit 9 once to keep the channel clear. You should wait and give a Corpsman time to reach you. Monitor his location on the map when waiting to be healed. It is very frustrating if you are a Medic and you risk your own health to med someone, and then just as you are about to heal them they re-spawn. The Medic should also acknowledge they are on the way so the player can make a correct decision and hold. If a Medic is unable to reach an injured player it needs to be stated. The player can then re spawn. These are all Battle Field decisions, and it is understood they are made on the spur of the moment. You should try to adhere to the Codes of Conduct as much as possible. The Clan will recognize it.

Third Code of Conduct Always accommodate with transportation. If needed go back to the PSP and give a teammate a lift. Do not run over teammates with vehicles. Do not take a players vehicle that they have been driving and take off with it without clear notice of your intentions or plans. Good intentions can be misunderstood and create animosity.

Forth Code of Conduct You must blow targets in the vicinity before moving on to the next PSP. Do not leave an area incomplete for the sake of a new PSP unless the team requires a new spawn point closer to the center of conflict or action. State that as your intention. The other players will acknowledge your actions.

Fifth Code of Conduct If you should accidentally shoot, run over with a vehicle, or interfere with someone’s game play, you should immediately recognize the mistake and offer an apology. Asking for forgiveness and understanding is not an issue, and is really looked upon as a sign of maturity.

Sixth Code of Conduct When starting a new map with multiple players an individual should look to the current roster (hit Tab) to determine the needs of the group. Check for Medics, Snipers, Engineers, etc. If you are familiar with a map you should claim a role to be filled. Do your part, and accept unfamiliar roles to gain the experience. Do not become a 12000-kill sniper with 20 meds in 300 hours. It is a poor balance, and shows a lack of Team concept. The same can be said for 5000 meds, and 20 kills, although it is more far-fetched as an example.


It is better to have 0 deaths and 10 kills than 10 deaths and 20 kills. You can always get more kills but you cannot take away your deaths. Build those points slow and steady. This is not a race. Be aware of your surroundings, and clear an area for all members. Being back shot by a leftover enemy is frustrating, and poor for all stats. Do your part!

This tactics handbook was written to ensure that players understand what is expected from them when playing in the TUFSQUAD Server. By following this guideline you will increase your chances if you request to become a TUFSQUAD Member.

Corpsman: A medic
Double columns: Two groups working in columns. I.e. advancing on each side of a road.
Flank: To approach from the extreme right or left side
Leapfrogging: Players take turns in leaping over another player to advance
Single columns: Single group working in a column. I.e. advancing through tunnels or corridors through a town.
Single extended lines: Walking side by side to cover more field. i.e. working through open field maps, it also helps to prevent surprise attacks that may take the whole unit at once..
Subject to change without notice so check back frequently. This is a Cooperative server. If this type of gaming is not for you, then please find a different server to game on. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
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Code of Conduct
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